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fan fiction crash landing on you

They unleash my inner writer. It would be splendid to have Manbok’s son see Seri again. The garden was filled with little stuff toys of animals and lots of blue and pink balloons. And by your descriptions alone, we can tell who the parents are. #crash landing on you #fan-fiction #yoon seri #yoon se ri #ri jeong hyeok. In quarantine, Hyun Bin decides to watch Something in the Rain. I’d mangle her name. “Fly free, Harry Potter.” Harry swings his legs over his broomstick and kicks … POW! (I rewatched the entire of secret garden in one day to ease my grief). I have to go now,” she said with finality. I read this book in the early 2000's in school. He ran to the door, to see who it was. JH becomes a music professor in Switzerland and Se-ri becomes a part time fashion consultant with a focus on start-ups only so there would be work-life balance when the twin comes -:). Until you learn to love me again, I’ll love you enough for both of us.”. How many times had she complained that he kept everything to himself and pretended to be alright when he wasn’t? Oohh pretty good too and emotional. Why don’t you post both French and English summaries? Just a second word changes the meaning and the way the word is to be used in the context. Chi Soo placed the lid back on the salt jar and turned to go back into the house with the beef he would grill later. gingerann. All these is 5 years after most of the main events of the drama (last episode had a weird time gap). Riri AU. . I’m still over the moon with the happy ending so I kept my story short and simple -:). Our house in Switzerland is where we gather as a family whenever my dad’s performance schedule allows. Gwangbom was so moved by her decision. Join. 2.0k members in the CrashLandingOnYou community. Subbers and many viewers interchange the words “trust” and “faith” — just like they do with “fate” and “destiny” — because they don’t understand or even care about the intrinsic differences. Definitely more mature than pil soo. The warmth of the hug made seri realize that it was real. There is a famous poem in my mother tongue which I’ll translate below in the context of politics and wars stealing stories and happy endings. Those are MY interpretation, my take on the show, and I’m not omniscient. A quiet moment between Yoon Seri and Ri Jeong Hyeok when he was a patient in Sariwon Hospital. Makes me question my earlier thoughts about political correctness influencing the ending. Then all of a sudden ‘We’re pregnant!’. Crash Landing funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. She regretted it. Their situation wasn’t stifling like that of mother and daughter whose relationship had atrophied. JUNG HYUK – (calm voice) Don’t run! After listening to Korean (and now Chinese) dramas, I missed the melody of the French language. You guys look so happy, he sniffed. A quick look at the “tomatoes cultivator!”. She’s trying her hand at creative writing. JOURNALIST ~ This is a historic moment! He tucked her head under his chin and said, “It’s okay, Seri. Ri jeong hyuk has to be the most romantic man ever. Title: Crash Landing on You/Emergency Lands of Love/Emergency Love Landing/Sarangui bulsichak/사랑의 불시착 Director: Lee JungHyo Writer: Park JiEun. He did get two finger hearts, didn’t he?). In Chinese, the word 信 means “to believe” but when you add the second word “心” which means “heart” to make “信心” it means means “faith”. All rights reserved. @agdr03 tried her hand at it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. She crosses the bridge and suddenly she sees Seung Jun standing in front of her. Language: English • kth "You're not mine, not theirs either. Chi soo asked. Instead, they move back to the village. She is in a meeting right now, but she will be done in 30 minutes. JUNG HYUK : (getting more scared) My dad is also is from Pyongyang, and is also a professional musician. Gwangbom grinned, and eundong was still exclaiming really. My uncle was killed long before I was born, and my dad misses him to this day. @Snow flower did well, didn’t she? Seri said ‘I’m so tired but that was a great send off to our scholars isn’t it? Seri dong mu!!! JungHyuk certainly “cultivated” his garden, if you know what I mean. It’s okay. I don’t know if I can allow myself to love you again.”. . I have people waiting for me. Watch as our heroine went through the journey once again, but with different players put a mark on her journey. Hye Jin looked at the items artfully arranged on the table in front of her. Electronica isn’t for everyone. I found it interesting and informative. . In some ways, the captain was similar to his own personality. . Wait what??? “Trust is the magic that changes the world, not technology.”. Send me that photo, and also have it be printed in 7 copies. Chi Soo mumbled to himself, “Aigoo! Letting go of gwangbom and jumeok, she hugged chi soo. Piano. The scent of roses filled the room. https://www.soompi.com/article/1383505wpp/crash-landing-on-you-child-actors-share-shots-with-cast-from-wrap-party. Ye-yes Mam, the manger replied. The South Korean romantic melodrama “Crash Landing on You” is the one that has received the most attention, at least in Asia. They smiled at each other. The Hwang Hyn Ji drama is the best OST I know to date, in the “classic” style. We need to see her, eundong exclaimed. ” ~ ” : off voice, tought Seri was not having a good day. The dialogue in the final Switzerland scenes were unsatisfying because they were disconnected from what was actually happening. She resisted for a moment, but he calmed her down with rhythmic pats on her back. I know I hurt you.”. Moments portrayed. You guys were with CEO’s bodyguard, and you guys visited her when she was at the hospital! Seri dong mu ! I’m sorry. lol. Jung-Hyuk and Se-Ri are about to collapse, above the demarcation line. I’m glad that the writer didn’t force the romance. SeRi’s choice new baby line is such a success because of our Hye Jin’s modeling skills!”. And then somehow all 4 of them were surrounding her. Sad but there ya go. {FLASHBACK – Jung-Hyuk’s House, Night.} Plus she is his closest thing to SK lifestyle. Half an hour later he found her in the garden, sobbing under the rose bush. This was especially good, thank you: ‘Slowly, as if tending a frightened animal, he wrapped her in his arms.’, It was the twins’ first birthday. It’s ‘just something that happened a long time ago and nothing to worry about’. The line turns completely red for several meters. He could count on Man Bok to get news to him when no one else could. “Snow Flower? This is sort of based on the character description in korean. Live a long, happy life. He reached and grabbed a pink party balloon, and then handed it to Dan. I do remember some people having crash landed on an alien planet. And so part two will be uploaded tomorrow! Weird. packmule3  |  I’m not sure where to post this but, will you be giving a grade for CLOY like you do for most of the shows you review? He’s a big softie when it comes to my mom, my sister, and me. The NIS officer standing at attention, crying, and Se-Ri’s father. YOU ARE READING. He pulled her to a corner away from passersby. Seo Dan: “Now that you are here, what do you plan to do?” Jumeok whispered. … Do you have any new scars? That is to say the main actor also of the very classic “Starway to Heaven”. He spends some time in prison. At this hour?  |  JH’s family schedules a “vacation abroad”, and inspired by Thae Yong-Ho’s story, will defect to SK. Pyo chilsoo couldnt sleep once again. I sometimes wonder if even my mom and dad forget the name they gave me: that is, until I do something bad, and my mom calls me by my full name while giving me a glare that freezes my blood. I love the blue star patch for GwangBum! Get ready for what, ju meok asked. And somehow gwangbeom was in her arms too. He utters a big “NOOOO” in slow motion, silently. In slow motion, they pull out their weapons. He cherished the times he had with his friends more too. Thanks, Snow flower. She had time to go to the airport, but she stayed, and even gave him her blood. It’s only a simple one. It may be just me, but I think the little girl looks like she could play Seo Ji Hye’s younger self or daughter as well. Even now, 5 years later, gwangbom unconsciously touched his knee and felt the threads that were sewed on. Forgive me for not telling you sooner.” Se-Ri gets out of the car with tears in her eyes. JungHyuk certainly “cultivated” his garden, if you know what I mean. Suddenly, one officer panicks, then several others. Reader x Celebrity requests are also taken. Dreaming? ‘Me, dancing with you.’ JH stood up and took her hand and started dancing with her. ” – ” : normal dialog I came here looking for you, because Jung Hyuk wants to say something to all guests. She reached the elevator and began to jab the elevator’s down button. Is everyone healthy? I’m ok without much romance, many good stories do not have a lot of that and still bring out great messages. Gwangbom never showed emotions, not like this. Seri expresses fear that JH will be in danger when he returns to NK, and JH acknowledges this possibility but assures her that he has no regrets. They get to know each other a bit on the long journey, but are thrown into a situation they & the fellow passengers aren't expecting; a crash landing, on an uninhabited island. “I bet our Seol Hwa likes the lullaby too.” Seung Jun whispered to Dan. The film is in good quality (3 archives to download). She was going to show how much his silence had hurt her then. Crash Landing on You - Edelweiss D... by IndigoMusings 68.4K 1.9K 23 Edelweiss Diaries tells the story of Jeong Hyuk and Se Ri from the time Jeong Hyuk is sent back to NK by SK NIS officials and … I’ve accepted that that was the best the writer could do. Then, tears welled up in her eyes and her lips began to tremble. A steady stream of blood falls on the yellow line. Gwangbom smiled and shook his head no, while crossing his finger. I don’t know how JH could have tolerated practicing on an upright when he was a concert pianist. These 4 people? As she set the last of the dirty dishes in the sink, she heard the bell jingle as the door opened. She was the one who stood up for him when he was being bullied right? lol. What shows are you watching nowadays? February 17, 2020 |  “You’ve got to tell me how you’re feeling.”. All rights Reserved 2020. Eh, what about me then, chi soo exclaimed. Thank you, Fern! One of each? Hey! Recognition dawned on her. “No, let go.” She tried to shake her elbow free, but he held on. Haha. Sitting next to each other, Jung-Hyuk and Se-Ri are lit by a candle. Your fanfic made me smile. “I didn’t mean it, Seri. True too, it’s really like that in kdramas, they usually do group photos and the wrap up parties. I saw a movie preview of “La Verite” with Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche. We get to stay for 2weeks and do anything we want, but we have to get on the bus on the day they leave. You can, too. “It is time for the doljabi,” Se Ri’s mother said. But as long as she’s happy, it’s all good. Grace, I’ve been meaning to ask you. I am so glad to have your posts to help me understand it as I watch, plus you gave a A- grade when all I heard was lots of gripe about it. I’ll be waiting! SE RI – (continues running) What am I going to do if you leave me like this? They are unable to fall because they are leaning against each other. But there was an unspoken bond between them. Captain pyo was smiling too. JUNG HYUK : (runs to Se-Ri and to the demarcation line). Cast … JH and I really appreciate it,’ Seri said. Does this mean you watched Ep 16? Crash Landing On You r/ CrashLandingOnYou. Come on now. You’re both my taskmaster. Chi soo opened his mouth to answer, but seri got to it first. HE RI – How am I going to live? Yes. We meet up with her in various parts of the world whenever we can. Breeze. He would know about her attempts to ‘communicate’ with him. Morning came and they were still in bed when Seri suddenly bolted out of it and headed to the bathroom, vomiting. He smiled to himself at the thought. This book is a compilation of one-shots based on random songs that can def... "Maybe that's what love meant, both people thinking they were the lucky one.". And their voices overlapped each other, all asking how each other were, and how happy they were to see each other. Summary. I wonder if they ever crossed paths when younger. All the other soldiers become sad too. Forget about our time together. I’m fine. SE RI – Isn’t there a place where we could live together? Looking at her, he realized that she was a ghostly reflection of that girl he left in Seoul. I just didn’t know how to…”, He felt her stiffened before she forcibly wrested her elbow from his grasp, nearly throwing him off-balanced. Seri’s leaning her back at JH, his cuddling her very close, scented candles lit and smelling lovely around them. JUNG HYUK – The only place is where we could die together. “Yeoboseyo. I’m behind with my kdrama viewing, too. Slowly, as if tending a frightened animal, he wrapped her in his arms. ‘Are you ok? On the knee where he had gotten shot, there was a dark blue star sewed on. I don’t think I’ve seen it before.”, “It is pronounced Moo Ri, not Murray. Jung-Hyuk’s former comrades in officer’s uniform, standing at attention, crying. But they also got items that they cherished too. Seung Jun was speechless. She let go of eundong briefly and hugged ju meok too. “Good afternoon! I hope you liked my happy ending (the sad ending involved the north-south war). Crying screams, silent and in slow motion. For instance, whenever the shot was made of the mother and daughter conversing, it felt… what’s the French word again? JH, aloud: Damn good thing there are no trees here. Hot New Top. Really simple but soothing…. SE RI – That’s okay with me too… That one was written by the same screenwriter. I love that Dan and SJ got their HEA too with a baby girl, Seol Hwa. This is unusual for you. Both exclaimed at the same time. I will have Ref the ending on Crash Landing on You – some people thought it too open or not enough ‘happy ever after’. Flashback: Seung Jun makes a dramatic appearance in SK and reveals the schemes of SeRi’s brother and sister-in-law. The doors closed again. Now, I’m moving your comment to the Ep 16, Open Thread, to reserve this space for fanfics. ** I thought it was poignant that U Pil (being the one who found the watch was Man Bok’s son, and helped redeem his father’s debt to RJH in someway), so thought it would be adequately poignant to have him play a small role in the reunion between SR and RJH eventually. Join Hyun Bin and Son Yejin as they seek the answer together. Eundong ran towards her and hugged her tightly. Amadeus is an exploration of Crash Landing on You characters and storyline based entirely out of NK. All four of them looked up at the huge building in front of them. They’re sooo happy and it’s not that they were not planning it at all, it’s just that they didn’t finalised their home till last year. Mam? Active 1 year ago. The director often showed the characters with lots of space around them. She smiled at him. They are my true family. Gwangbeom rolled his eyes, but smiled. They are suffocating, unable to speak. She risked everything, driving like a mad woman. “Your turn now, Ji Hun.” Hot New Top Rising. She remembered how her 4 friends and manbok managed to get to her because of the games. POW! I – I missed you, bastard. Information. I’m still waiting to be buried next to a river. I’ve moved on like you said I should. BinJin | Alternate Universe Cr-cry? But you said that you really wanted to go to the doljabi…” There was one tjme when he went mute for one year. “There is nothing to forgive, honey. Do you have a lover? as a British/American Literature major. She missed them dearly, and she didn’t hear as much about them from jeonghyuk because he wasn’t their captain anymore. Chi soo snorted. Sprays of blood spurting from the impacts, on the abdomen, chest, shoulders. Two girls? Slow and introspective films: there’s a great chance that it’s a turnip, a soporific and snobbish film. Hey you! Seung Jun: “Well, I could be a shooting instructor. Maybe I read too many middle school books that are awesome on the ideas with hardly any romance. I missed you too seri cried. The English major in me can’t help but to lament missed opportunities, script wise. He’s one of the few people in this world who can make my mom laugh, especially when he spontaneously serenades her. And I was vindicated with the postscript (Ep 16 at 1:01:15) anyway. I am calling it Evening Star. JOURNALISTS ~ Sacrifices in terms of political compromise…. Now where’s yours, themanwasthere? Okay. For many viewers, to have closure at the end of the kdrama means to have a good wrap-up for all the characters. I thought it was a great night too but something’s missing.’ ‘What’s missing?, Seri asked. But I also got a master baker and a pastry chef certification while in prison. Drama ini juga disukai karena para pemain pendukungnya yang memiliki berbagai karakter unik, termasuk Lee Chul San yang diperankan aktor Yoo Su Bin. Crash Landing on You. But can I ask who are these people?they were there when you got hospitalized too. To him she was the prettiest woman alive, and certainly had a better disposition than That Woman. Besides who kept hugging me in the middle of the night anyway?.’ ‘Ya! I only know the name of your band and your stage name. Umm excuse me? He’s got dear friends from way back when he was in the military. Ju meok leaned towards her. Se-Ri’s friends look at the scene, terribly sad. This is my first post ever on any drama forum (CLOY what have you done to me?!). Btw, if the word 信 is broken down to more detail, the left part of that word represents “man or a person” and the right part of the word means to speak or a speech. I’ve seen them when we’re in our swimsuits. Oh beloved, tell me, was it any good to be born as one?”. Hot. ( she even gave him 2 finger hearts!!). Usually you can’t see the ceo without an appointment… but I know that you guys are special. Thank you everyone! SOUTH OFFICER – Cease fire! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). The NIS officer is terribly sad too. Easy peasy! card. I promised I’d finish the drama, so I did! We’re going down to the south, gwangbom explained, with his eyes shining. “But..the doctor…really?” was all he could say. I wrote a summary comment that I’ll post on your blog after I’ve translated it. He’s head of a men’s fashion brand based there.”, “Oh, I’m sorry to learn your parents are divorced.”, “No, my parents are very much in love still, but they never married and pursue their own careers. Never getting over CLOY and these beauti... Edelweiss Diaries tells the story of Jeong Hyuk and Se Ri from the time Jeong Hyuk is sent back to NK by SK NIS officials and Se Ri is left to ponder their future. The tomato onesies were a special touch!!! I can hardly help on recent French cinema, because it has become so bad that I don’t even have the patience to find a good film among dozens. After the entrance, again there was security and Ids . He almost didn’t hear her quiet, choked words, “No, JungHyuk-ssi, don’t. . You remind me of someone I know… the manager muttered. That would be so Seri, too — Checking for any new scars of JH’s face since his face is “her type.”. To stay in the theme, note that here, the main actor is Kwon Sang Woo. Isn’t it better to go to her apartment? Ri Jeong Hyeok is a bodyguard and a single father. “I am sorry, honey. And perhaps it was our fate to meet!”. Then ju meok. Now it’s definitely the start of a big family as their expecting twins! We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Posted: 1 day ago ... crash landing on you. Seri snapped back into reality. He smiled. Gwangbom answered. He’s done what he can to stay in touch with them, even when communication has been difficult because they live in North Korea. I thought you were stopping at 13 or 14? Their eyes close, they die standing, glued to each other. When my mom is in public, she’s emotionally guarded. JH was in the yellow paraglider above and behind her. I hope you can join us over on Cynical or Shallow Island as we watch The King: Eternal Monarch. Fleecy cloud. How do you know the baby is a girl?” Dan whispered back. Hi @Snow Flower, POW! JH was worried. She would be at work, not at home, chi soo countered. Yes, MoA was a good one… It was lacking in the romance department but it had depth and heft to it that I thought would outlast any romantic illusions. Requests Accepted for the dramas I have finished watching. As their captain. @Welmaris, are you sure you don’t write fiction for a living? JH replied, ‘Same as usual. Plus she mentioned that he was the most handsome. I’m inspired to write something for Chi Soo to make it so. It had been going on for 2 years now. I like that you didn’t have to expose the parents’ names. Dan’s mom ends up with Captain Chi Soo, of course! They’re firing while trying to take cover behind vehicles. Actor Kim Jung Hyun, who recently appeared on Crash Landing On You, opened up in an interview to dish on the behind the scene details among the actors! Thank you so much.. huh. Seri laughed. POW! He joins North Korean officers further down the road. Chi soo hadn’t made a wish since he was a kid. Will wait for your next installment. As far as “Korean … {END FLASHBACK.}. It's just a reference to the popular New Orleans Mardi Gras song. “Let us see what Ji Hun and Hye Jin will choose.”. You don’t really need my final ratings and assessment to enhance your viewing pleasure of the show or to validate what you already believe is true. Write your fanfic. Of course I wonder how on earth will he get out of the game eventually. She hadn’t forgiven him. That's all they got. The only difference was that jeonghyuk still gave orders and took control of situations, and was able to lead. Will it lead Yoon Se Ri to Ri Jeong Hyeok, or will the fate put her into another man's hands instead? Being the son of Director of Political Bureau, he would have access to news from outside world, particularly SK. She ignored all of them and walked towards the grand piano. She snorted to herself. In front of her were her 4 true family members, in the suits that she had customized for them years ago. Short and sweet. Not mine. She sighed. They all give me the warm fuzzies, but particularly the ones taken with the actor who played Chi Soo. Earth, or Helios III as it was known on galactic charts, was a planet in the Unknown Regions that was one of the several human homeworlds littering the galaxy. So here’s my ultra over-the-top cheesy ending! She averted her eyes. To text two letters: “H” and “I”? “She designed and made them herself,” Dan added. To send a message through back channels?”. The scene of the couple dying standing is based on one of my favorite dramas. Well you have some unexpected guests, the manager muttered. Oh and also here is the ost always played in the drama when seri had sad/happy moments with the 4 comrades. Thanks. Don’t you think that the citizens of Pyongyang deserve to be introduced to some glorious sourdough and French pastries?”. Chi Soo’s wife was the apple of his eye. Scented candles and something to remind JungHyuk (a picture perhaps?) fanfiction naz rambles about stuff the silverpetticoat review twitter theme. These are rare couples, but they do exist. Chi soo nodded. It has been months since she saw ri Jeong hyuk, and she was supposed to meet him in 2 weeks, but it seemed so long. (*refering to the man who was in charge of seri’s insurance) Umm CEO… What, seri snapped. And whatever doesn’t work, just throw it out. I know it’s romanised as Woo Pil elsewhere. Ah! sorry I wrote this really fast and on my phone so the dialogue may be confusing! Gwangbom was too introverted to be able to do things like that. I agree. I would thought scented candles might make a prominent feature in their Swiss home. What happens if... just a compilation of things i imagine late at night ⋆⑅˚₊ Did he offer you a deal?”, Gently, he raised his hand to cup her cheek, “Because I love you. I love the idea that somehow, sometime, somewhere their children will meet and connect. POW! SE RI – I can’t let them take you away like this. “It’s all in the past now. I’m glad to hear. Chỉ ban quản trị mới xem được. Even the cinematography was different. The landscape gave the illusion of a breathing room for the couple. I don’t think I can’t let myself believe in you again. That wasn’t all., while they were in the hospital, seri also came to see him. Seri Yoon is the only daughter of John Yoon one of the most powerful and richest man in New York City. Here, during the first scene of the drama “Queen of Ambition”. While standing on the 38th parallel. Across the room, the so called awards that seri had given them when she first met them were framed and hung on the wall. Smiling with gritted teeth, she said, “You didn’t know how to what? How would you prefer I address you?”, “Like you, I mostly go by my nickname. Falling in love is easy. Due to its system's position in the galaxy, it was often an area of conflict in the various wars since the Clone Wars. Chi soo laughed as he hugged her tightly. SE RI – (continues running) Jung-Hyuk! Even when the couple had tough decisions to make, or when JH was being hounded, or when they were saying goodbye, there was a sense that their constraints were only temporary. Suddenly a car honked outside. “Talk to me, Seri,” he said desperately. *** Thanks in advance for entertaining me! Going to the 8th minute for this very moment. Okay so like jumeok and eundong get their fanfic in South Korea . Usually inspired by a scene, quote or photo. It’s another trip of being together and so they just slowly danced the night away. None were ever stopped by the borders you drew, {END FLASHBACK.}. They get quiet, start to look sad, then change the subject.”. Se Ri was holding Ji Hun in her arms. I allow myself to rename the drama too, now it’s called “the yellow line”… or “the red line”, I hesitate. Let’s go.”. 2,350 new members have already joined the OTW, out of our goal of 5,000. It felt like a re-connection. They are very professional indeed. The restaurant is where the local orphans hang out. I think they should have done a POV from JH too. In the Switzerland passages, the elephant in the room is that they live most of the year apart and without communication. Looking forward to whatever you are writing about! Next to it, the new flag of reunified Korea. Are kdramas really like this? I wrote “Conversations with Grace”+ en for someone named Grace. Plus Daddy knows people in the South. A North Korean Man and a South Korean woman--for real. She’d always been worried about him. Even I don’t think I look half as in love as H̶y̶u̶n̶̶B̶i̶n̶ RJH and S̶o̶n̶ ̶Y̶e̶ ̶J̶i̶n̶ YSR in my wedding pics. Rose. ” : ” : description (didiscalie). POW! Very, very short ficlets for CLOYtober based on word prompts. All 5 of them stopped and looked at the manager who had his phone out. This is it, isn’t it, eundong asked. After what the doctor said last year, I know it upsets you being near babies. The manager said. I should have seen that coming. Goodbye.” She turned and walked briskly toward the elevator. The DMZ scene felt raw was because they directly addressed a real issue. hahaha. (Happy happy ending – spot on to cure the ache CLOY left). “That’s Dan and Seung Jun! The next day, seri brought him his uniform, folded neatly. Eundong ah you grew so much! To look for a cellphone? My happy ending is – the country unifies and they spend the rest of their lives living in the house in the dmz with the prayer bowl, which they renovate into a cosy home. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/category/the-king-monarch-of-eternity/, Your email address will not be published. @themanwashere , I like your comments especially the one about doing intimate scenes where lots of people are watching you. I noticed you didn’t really have any appetite last night.’ ‘I don’t know why too but I’m fine now. For jumeok it was the photo with the actress choi jiwoo; for eundong it was the animal hat. They had a late picnic lunch and while they were finishing up, Seri started to upchuck again. – With Man Bok and family moving to Pyongyang, U Pil* gets a start in a new school and we discover that he a keen ear for music (a chip off the old block), and a piano prodigy Crash Landing on You (Korean: 사랑의 불시착; RR: Sarangui Bulsichak; MR: SarangÅ­i pulshich'ak; lit. If I can write sappy stuff, you can, too. I didn’t even think of it that way. Still on the fence about When The Weather Is Nice…. Didn’t pick up on tomato onesies. I like the name joke. That’s why I have to admire those actresses and actors who does the job without a care in the world. Se-Ri is tilting her head towards Jung Hyuk’s shoulder. @JustAnne, I want to welcome another lit major to BOD. You can raise kids with those concrete benches pretending to be sofas. Seri exclaimed. *U Pil – as subbed by Netflix. And how she looked happy when they sang her happy birthday. The national orchestra is performing for the ending ceremony. She told him that she had cleaned his uniform, and sewed the hole the gun had left. Crash Landing on You, the last episode of which aired in early February, achieved the highest ratings in the history of South Korean TV channel TVN and has caught the imagination of audiences wordwide. Hi there, shyly coming out of the shadow to share a nascent idea of a fanfic. Seri couldn’t believe her ears, nor her eyes. Cutie Ep 22” (because agdr03 is bugging me) before I do “When the Weather is Nice”. Yea, it’s her company’s building. I guess Grace is quite a common name and I have not posted much on Soompi, though I did once on Romance is a Bonus Book which I don’t remember what it was about. Enjoy the tale of their survival and romantic feelings for one another. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 1 month ago. I have to say MOA is her much much better piece, the game logic is more straight forward so once you find that logic it makes sense. That honky-tonk piano would have driven me nuts. A subreddit dedicated to our favorite K-drama series, Crash Landing on You. I’ll decide later seri replied. My .02, now back to work! (I’m still chuckling at her tomato onesies. Like JH’s old piano and Seri could get JH a new grand piano. He was definitely using the shampoo that she had made while thinking about him. ‘Ji-Hun looks so much like his Dad and Hye-Jin looks so much like you,’ Seri’s Mom said. It seems that neither he nor my mom want to talk about some of their experiences after they met. “I hope Ji Hun will choose the piano”, Jung Hyuk said.”I want to teach my son how to play my favorite instrument.” Heavy and precise scenes. #28 Did you close your beauty shop early today?”, “I only stepped away for a bit to bring these side dishes for tonight’s dinner.”, “Yes, but the nicest thing I did for you was introduce you to my little sister. New stills added for the Korean drama 'Crash Landing on You'. dreamingsnowflake2013: This is a melodrama. {FLASHBACK – Jung-Hyuk’s House, Night.} I love these posts. A year later, it’s the twins 1st birthday party. You want to share it here? Also idk what the manager’s name was, but the one I am referring to is the one who is always next to seri when she was in South Korea. They could even go to Russia where Dan will be assigned a cultural minister for in an NK embassy. kdramanewbie: “Be happy. There can never be a happy ending for this couple unless there is a reunification. “The birds, the winds and the rivers, It’s also possible that their respective cultures don’t allow for nuances, so they’re handicapped. “What is it with all these coincidences between us? What do you want to do with our stocks CEO? Eundong and jumeok obediently followed chi soo. The whole family (minus Se Hyung, who was still in prison) was gathered around the table in the elegant dining room of SeRi’s Swiss villa. SE RI : (She runs towards the line, towards Jung-Hyuk.) My mom is a professional cellist, and travels frequently. Crash Landing (2005) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. @packmule3 you excel at whatever you write. You can post it on YouTube and I’ll upload the link here, if you want. Calico cat. They’re only two meters away from the yellow line. Language: Korean. He’d live, and bring Dan with him to Europe. Through Seri’s mom, the NIS agents , and Jeonghyuk’s dad, they managed to get their so called belongings back – mostly clothes that they had bought with seri’s card. All you need is a choice and a will. Okay, now it’s your turn. I get that there would be an upright in JH’s childhood bedroom. Why did you change your mind after all this time? It kinda makes sense on the meaning of trust/faith/to believe what someone says. I missed you too. “I didn’t mean it to sound that way, Seri. Don’t question me about the twins names please ok. It’s fiction and just my imagination. The absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea … This was sewed by my sister. Hanging up after his brief conversation, Chi Soo again smiled. Yayy !! You said, that to watch me cling to you and beg for you bothered you infinitely more than seeing the havoc on your once orderly life.”. Modern Day/AU- Four & Tris meet on a flight where they're headed to New Zealand for work. “Since she looks so cute in her tomato onesie. In return, the former captain trusted him the most out of the 4. “She indeed is busy, but her husband is the best manager a performing artist could ask for,” SeRi replied. They were awakened from their long neglect with such tender love that the discordant sound was tolerated. The snow-covered mountains glistened in the twilight. When I asked him, and then my mom, about it, neither gave me much of an answer. He looks like he’s either a dad, or should be a dad. “Just because I acted like I didn’t care doesn’t mean that I didn’t know how harsh my words were to you. So-Sorry you guys looked so happy that I took a picture- the manager started crying. Seung Jun: “I had to take care of some unfinished business before coming back to you.”. But he knew her, and his arms strained to embrace her pain. I just saw the typos in my comment. Once again, he was thinking about seri and how she was doing. Maybe JH or Seri expressing, “I have changed as a person since we last met, and I will continue to change as we meet through the years. “Seri!” he shouted at her departing back, “You also have me waiting for you.”, “You?” Without breaking her stride or looking back at him, she fired back at him, “You ordered me to go, remember? How are you? She was also smart, and like captain ri, she took control over situations quickly. . Yes. Chi soo stuttered. A ‘crash landing on you’ fanfiction. Sunlight. Multiple bullet hits on Jung-Hyuk and Se-Ri’s torsos and backs. Okay, write a story about having twins since you love babies. Staying in love is the hard part. Crash Landing on You: Fan Fiction and Alternative Endings. Good for you, Welmaris! Nevertheless, I truly appreciate you the most for created this the platform! They’re shaking hands. So put on your writing caps, and challenge yourselves. A collection of one shots alternating between the lovely couples, BinJin and RiRi. . Remember, when reading my posts, that I had no idea how the ending would turn out. Dewdrop. {END FLASHBACK.}. Oh, I’m sorry! Runtime: From Dec. 14 # of Episodes: 16. JH and Seri were still in the car parked in their driveway and both of them were quiet and in deep thought. But when she and my dad are together, her face softens.”, “My mom also has her way of giving me That Look. Previous thread: Besides X-Men, what are you currently watching, etc? ☺️, For anyone needing some post CLOY entertainment, please look at the BTS of their Switzerland paragliding scene. The meeting was boring, and her mind was on the military games. Seri replied. My friends began calling me Trap, and it stuck. Let’s go in. “Please, Seri.” He wanted to howl the words, but they came out softly, like a prayer. Here we can discuss … JH suddenly hugs her from behind and says to Seri’s Mom, ‘Ommoni, let’s sing happy birthday to the twins before they get ready for their afternoon nap.’ He took Seri’s hand and they walked towards her Dad, who was playing with the twins, dressed up in their little tomato onesies. Jumeok, eundong , as well as to jeonghyuk mini stories up by later fody or tomorrow! Then chil soo. Otherwise you might as well enjoy the whole scene from the beginning, it rocks! To tell you the truth, I didn’t understand myself well then either. With their bodies glued together. Packmule3 wrote, “That honky-tonk piano would have driven me nuts.” I’m not a musician, but the pianos being out of tune made me cringe. Oh my goodness! I was thinking of asking you to go on a date, but I’m not so sure after hearing that.”, “Oh, don’t worry about my dad. A spring day in Pyongyang. Please.”. It’ll be my treat.”, “I suppose I’ll have a cup of the hand drip, since you mentioned it.”, “I learned from my dad, so I promise you it’ll be good!”, “I see from your nametag you have an unusual name. I saw the lavender cardigan shots and I thought it was lovely. No it didn’t…. He tossed and turned in ri jeong hyuk’s old bed, thinking about seri and his adventures in korea. JUNG HYUK – (scared, shouting) Stop running! Eundong asked. JH parents settle down outside Seoul while their son gets his HEA with Se-Ri with the twins in tomato onesies. (Before I get there, I wanted to thank everyone for your wonderful insights and analyses of CLOY, it made watching all the more enriching and enjoyable! thingskateknows: Captain Pouty. I’ll edit it first to suit Seri and JungHyuk’s story, and then I’ll post it here…that is, if I can sum up the courage. I totally understand why people turn to fan fiction. She smiled and held his hand. At the hallway, she met her manager. “I am pregnant”, Dan interrupted. (C’est un film particulièrement amusant : un homme très lâche rencontre une femme sublime, qui pourrait lui attirer des ennuis.) She grew up a spoiled city brat.”. 3.4k. There are so many people surrounding the actors at the shoot. Their kids play with the kids in the military village chasing butterflies etc. I’ll let you in. It’s as good as Ennio Moriconne’s best records. “We have special gifts for the twins”, Seung Jun announced. I will admit he IS very protective of us; however, once someone has earned his trust, he’s very loyal to them, and they to him from what I’ve seen. Twin girls!” He chuckled as he continued preparations for that evening’s gathering of family and friends. @packmule3, Se-ri wasn’t thinking about scars on his face. I’m much more afraid of her when she’s like that than I am of my father, and he used to be a captain in the North Korean Army’s Special Forces!”, “Aigoo! When I was in boarding school, almost every weekend my dad would come pick me up to go trap shooting. SE RI – If we die together, then that’s okay with me too… He couldn’t believe she was walking away from him. – Where Man Bok records not just his son’s performance but the sounds of a joyful reunion between our leads (for the F4’s ears only of course). And did you read @welmaris post on the possibility of Antonio being alive in…Russia? Exquisite. They looked at each other and started laughing and hugging each other. He reappeared by her side and stood in front of the elevator to face her. Also idk if I wrote this well so comment if I like it please It hardly seemed possible that his son and daughter were already celebrating their fifth birthday. drabbles if you will. The soldier who was patrolling with him asked. All 5 of them were crying. My dad used to encourage my mom to wear a bikini even if she felt self-conscious of the scar on her right side: from what, I don’t know. I’m ending the meeting early. Come." MURRAY for Muri. But CLoY is a drama and not real life, so I’ll cling to my imaginings of happy endings for the lead and second couples. of the 10 words that he liked. Jumeok and eundong were watching a korean drama called memories of Alahaba when chi soo and gwangbom burst the door open. Sci-fi novel, crash-landing, trying to escape planet. Dan continued: “I found out 2 weeks ago, but I was afraid to tell anyone. They were the siblings that he never had, and was beyond grateful for them. Multiple shots, in slow motion, all the officers panic. I like that she made Dan and Antonio have their own HEA too. He gets to see his sister again! This was my very FIRST K-drama and loving it!! 7? Gwangbom was confused, but he told her that the his favorite color was dark blue. Peoples please please… Go for it! I love your details! Just two weeks. I’d rather they had the Swiss connection. “W” was really so fast paced and exciting but I was left with many questions about some gaps in the story. But that changed when he met eundong. That’s funny to me, you know, because I play the piano. 82 Comments On “Crash Landing on You: Fan Fiction and Alternative Endings” Snow Flower February 17, 2020 at 8:56 am I forgot to mention that Dan and Seung Jun open a bakery and a restaurant, but not in Pyongyang. Ya happy chi soo? Inspired by Ri Jeong Hyeok's confession under influence... What's the tune for i love you? Officers on both sides of the border are becoming alarmed by the situation. Screenshots of social media interactions between and posts from the characters of Rhythm of Love. Both would have similar work schedule where they can start a family when the children do come..twins or not twins. Remember last time we were not able to get past the security,, gwangbom questioned. I am sharing my composition inspired by CLoY. Both of my parents have scars on their torsos. Again sorry for the format!! Jung-Hyuk’s feet cross a yellow line drawn on the ground. So whatever works, works. It was a bit glib, but I’m giddy because I’ve actually seen the sun come out (between showers). The coffee shop was quiet, for once. “Ji Hun, let your noona choose first, since she is 5 minutes older!” Se Ri’s mother said. NORTH OFFICER – Cease fire! This is Captain Pyo. I’d be mortified. Before the soldier could reply, a lieutenant walked towards them. The flashbacks got confusing if not for your really clear breakdown. Love in all forms exist in all stories, not just romantic ones. “Trust” in chinese is “信任“ the second word meaning to “appoint” or have a “responsibility”. The pool of blood runs along the smooth yellow line, without spilling over onto the tar. She forced a smile. And I still have “Memoire d’une jeune fille rangee” to finish before I die. Captain ri s father is sending us down to the south for the military games again. Their conversations were subbed but I avoided reading them and forced myself to look at their mouths while they spoke. If you want a great suffocating kdrama, watch “love in sadness”! Close friends it is. Why couldn’t you keep bloody still so I can find you? The drama’s main leads, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, have especially been the talk of the town as they faced their 3rd dating rumor. Really?? “We’re shooting a commercial right now for the launch of my store. Seri dongmu !! I did not think they could make it. I haven’t yet taken your order. I can see it in her face. While I was watching a very good scene from the drama, I immediately had this idea. Eundong and jumeok insisted that they be hung. What more do you need than a good laugh as a seed to love? Ha! There’s something familiar about the ending you’ve envisioned, almost as if I’m there too with the characters. – RJH chaperones U Pil and his family to Switzerland for his first public performance under the scholarship But this time no mission. If I could turn back time, I would have treated you better.”, She stood transfixed as he bent down to brush her forehead with a kiss. I would like to see them not just at the picnic but also progress on to getting pregnant together, having twins (technically once Daddy Ri passed on, he is quite old anyway, Mama Ri and JH could have defected). You’re a real drama queen about music, aren’t you!? SE RI – Jung-Hyuk! Awwww! And he’s told me these friends stepped up for him and my mom, although I don’t know the details of that story. It said that gwangbom deeply respected Jeong hyuk and that he was the one Jeong hyuk trusted the most. Who are humans, He’s like mr Darcy, Edward and Jesus rolled into one! Before the Clone Wars, Earth was a bustling planet with no contact with the rest of the galaxy. Everyone was enchanted by the beautiful melody. And contrary to the complaints, there was game logic. I’m working on “Dr. But something was off. Start-Up: Is Dosan a Manipulative Sadboy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQRmHrgV7cA&list=PLShqORWiDquMKEvwohgTyUsi66wu3Ym9D What can I get you? Are you healthy? It’s a nickname created from my dad’s surname and part of his oppa’s name. Seri said, ‘you really made sure that we’re having twins didn’t you?.’ ‘Don’t look at me, I just said I’d like twins. She grabbed her things and walked out the door, ignoring the mutters of her employees. Love it, @agdr03. Jung-Hyuk and Se-Ri keep running towards each other. Journalists comment in English, Chinese, French. I forgot to mention that Dan and Seung Jun open a bakery and a restaurant, but not in Pyongyang. Here’s the fanfic I promised giving Chi Soo his happily every after. SE RI – You can’t just leave like that. Soompi published photos taken at the CLoY wrap party with two of the child actors and various cast members. Thank you, @Welmaris. She turned, and watched as a man walked in. What is it, she said gently this time, as she got on the elevator. Hey you! Gwangbom saluted. Beautiful. @Mae ooohh yes! As the manager started to leave, he muttered to him self. Extra points for @John L…just because he’s the designated male representative. Your email address will not be published. If any of them needs help, he’ll find a way to supply it. Where are your fanfics, alt-endings, and dialogues? JUNG HYUK : (gives a blow and moves away from the officer who was holding him) Not the fairytale I wanted but the reality is that the divide between north and South Korea is real. Chi soo jumped off his bed, and made sure that everything was explainable if caught. Gwangbom was the best driver in their whole division, but she definitely out did him that ride. [2019 tvN] Crash Landing On You - Hạ Cánh NÆ¡i Anh | Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Sin Young [Tập 15 FHD] đang xem Chủ đề này đã bị xóa. Wonderful cast. Chi soo said as they got in the elevator. You guys go too. My halmeoni was a department store bigwig, so they lived in luxury for that time and place.”, “No, I was raised mostly in the UK by my dad. The sound of his gate opening made him look over his shoulder, and he smiled when he saw it was Cha Chung Hwa. “Try not to crash into me again. https://soundcloud.com/user-858010722/evening-star-a-lullaby-for-twins. Mind blown! Muri. Crash Landing on You. Chi soo exclaimed. Dan did not respond. I can actually imagine JH being clueless about morning sickness and being adamant that she’d go to the hospital for a check-up. Did I get more handsome? Having an instrument that’s attuned to your touch makes a difference between playing a melody merely soft and playing the melody tenderly. ), The BTS is far better than the broadcast. From the first minute, your chord progression is that of this piece: Have we met on one of the forums? When Ye-jin finds him in her living room, he's watching (and stewing over) episode 5. To his ears, his plea strangely echoed her past demands for him to open up to her. I’m not going to write a fan fiction because I would get caught up in the story again and it was hard to let go the first time. Yeah, right! My mom’s company is headquartered in Seoul. Chibsoo nodded. He’s a concert pianist. I forced myself a little, but in the end I don’t regret it. Awesome story love of fate, redemption, forgiveness. And I must say that with CLoY, I never felt suffocated because of cinematography. Ladtly, SJ wouldn’t die. Bullet hole, Se-Ri is shot in the front of her shoulder. Every year. All four of them were about to bolt and run, but pi soo stopped. Se-ri: No. I can’t believe you just killed our heroes. DREAMERS.ID - Menjadi salah satu drama Korea paling dinikmati saat ini, sayang ‘Start-Up’ hanya tinggal menyisakan dua episode terakhir yang akan tayang akhir pekan ini. But he won’t speak a word about the scar on his shoulder, and neither will my mom.”, “Curiouser and curiouser. Fanfic Create New - Create New - Analysis Characters FanficRecs FanWorks Fridge Haiku Headscratchers ImageLinks Laconic PlayingWith Quotes Recap ReferencedBy Synopsis Timeline Trivia WMG YMMV Kenya Starflight 's Reborn trilogy is a set of Star Wars fanfics in which Vader, crash-landing on Yavin 4 after the destruction of the first Death Star. Follow. I’m not as good as you and the others in writing so give me time. yes seri did stand up for u pil when he was bullied by the other kids. The North Korean officers handcuffed Jung-Hyuk’s companions. Hi Packmule ! I’m not, believe me. Several Supernatural cast members are safe and sound after a recent plane scare that ended with an emergency landing en route to Las Vegas.. Crash Landing on You Yoon Se-ri is a beautiful heiress and a leading fashion businesswoman in South Korea, and she meets North Korean military officer Lee Jung-hyeok, when she is swept up by a wind storm and accidentally crashes in North Korean territory while paragliding. All copyrights belong to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any right over them. It’s day time silly. Sorry – captain eundong stuttered. I missed you so much noona. She opened her eyes and regarded him silently for a long minute. Only Seung Jun saw the tears in her eyes. And somehow I can imagine ChiSoo with that blue penguin doll. All the officers in both countries are panicking. This is narratively and emotionally satisfying. It showed how absurd political boundaries are. The “touch” is different. Oh and yes, Mr. Hong is promoted as VP of Seri’s Choice. Again, they don't really mean it that literally. I thought pushing you away was the best answer so you wouldn’t get dragged into the mess I was in.”, She stopped jabbing at the elevator button and looked up at him suspiciously. In th... Short snippets behind BinJin's daily life. If other men are around, he’ll hand her a cover-up. Crash Landing on You (TV Series 2019–2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Addressing this issue briefly through some dialogue would have added some heft to their reunion. I was disappointed that they didn’t make it. This is beautiful, Welmaris! @arihsi I saw the BTS too, and chuckled at them practicing their embrace. Have you heard of Seri’s Choice? Ju meok quickly closed the file while eundong clumsily saluted. 9 notes. Another take of Crash Landing on You if Ri Mu Hyeok was alive at the course of the series. I know you write well, agdr03. I composed a little piano piece today, a lullaby for twins. Once he was standing in front of her at the counter, she noticed he had remnants of stage makeup around his eyes. I have been reading your posts on MOA and watching it. Sending you and ❤❤❤ like Seri for helping me enjoy the show so much. Thank you so much for helping me with the company when I took my leave to have the twins. I don’t believe you. Both of you, You’re more handsome than I last saw you seri started. Ignoring him, seri handed the phone back to the manager. For JH, who had extensive musical training, playing on an inferior instrument and hearing sub-par results must’ve taken a lot of resolve to continue. JUNG HYUK : (suddenly worried). I can’t imagine acting with a crew of more than 50 surrounding me every time, especially for skinship scenes. Meanwhile, I’m looking for an an old fanfic that I co-wrote with somebody to prove that even non-romance book readers, like me, know what romance is. Just as he was about to fall asleep, someone knocked on his door. When she and my dad first got together, their getting married would have been illegal because of North Korea’s strict rules.”, “This is all such a coincidence! JH may have been blacklisted because of what happened in Seoul prior, but that could be remedied in exchange for becoming an SK informant. Did you talk to my Father? We’re giving Alberto and Dan their happily-ever-after here. Enjoy! My ending would be pretty simple, and desperately unrealistic. If you do I’m going to start thinking you’re doing it on purpose.” She sweeps her arm out in a welcoming gesture, inclining her head as though curtsying. JOURNALIST ~ The unhoped-for reunification of the two Koreas! She had wanted to escape so badly but she stayed behind so the captain wouldn’t die. A bullet hits Jung-Hyuk in the front of his shoulder. I’ve to get on and finish watching “W” so I can review it. Pyo Chi Su with Dan’s mom. When seri, the strong lad who didnt even flinch when he threatened her, cried openly. One for my office here and one for my home. After a slightly awkward pause, Muri said, “Mianhae. That was fun to read. He imagined how seri sounded when she had sung at the picnic, and he started to close his eyes.

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