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tomato yield per acre in maharashtra

It is a widely adapted, determinate variety. The study was conducted in Nashik district of Maharashtra, as it contributes to about 30% of the total production of the state and comes in the top ten tomato producing districts in the country (para 1.4). The soil must be solarized or partially sterilized to destroy the disease causing microorganisms. 15/kg (we took the minimal price). All cultivars are listed in order of maturity (early to late.) Chandrappa, a farmer from Devasthanadahosalli of Chikkaballapur district, who has grown these varieties of tomatoes, has been able to get an yield of 38 tonnes from 2,000 plants on half an acre … It is irrigated heavily the day before transplanting. They have a keeping quality of 17 days. A late midseason, determinate, jointed hybrid. Average tomato yield is 30 tonnes per acre. | Soy Refined Oil (Indore Market) Rs. Which variety of tomatoes is suitable for eastern up? The average cost of 1 kg tomato is Rs. Developed and released by IARI, New Delhi, this variety is of the indeterminate type. I want to start tomato plant in Andhra Pradesh in Pilaer district, which is the best tomato plant? The land is leveled evenly and beds are prepared for planting the tomato seeds. This hybrid variety released by IIHR, Bangalore has semi-determinate plants with dark green foliage. Tomato cultivars recommended for Pennsylvania are listed below. Tomato is a rapidly growing crop with a growing period of 90 to 150 days. Fresh-market tomatoes are usually sold loose in bulk containers. It is a high yielding hybrid variety released by IIHR, Bengaluru. The seeds are treated with Trichoderma (5-10 grams per Kg), dried under shade and then sown. * Yields vary depending on soil quality, weather conditions, farm management, location, etc. Last year, we had 294 greenhouses installed; on average they deliver 264 tons per hectare. Tomatoes are an annual vegetable that takes around 75 days from transplanting to first harvest. Buy our detailed project reports to get bank loan or calculate profitability of your project. They mature and tomatoes are ready for harvest within 140 days. iii. Individual fruit size varies from large to medium and weighs about 75g. per acre = 5 g (1 bottle top) per plant Training, staking & pruning Weed, pests & diseases control 2nd Top-dress: CAN 80 kg per acre = 10 g (2 bottle top) per plant Training, staking & pruning Weed, pests & diseases control Harvesting starts 75 –90 days after transplanting Sorting & grading Yields 12,000 – 40,000kg per acre Marketing 10/38 23/11/2020 | Soy Solvent Oil (Indore Market) Rs. All Rights Reserved,,,, if planted in furrows then they are planted at a spacing of 30 cm from each other. Discover how to start a tomato plantation and grow tomatoes. Each fruit weighs about 70g. The share of Maharashtra in the total production is 4.85 %. Occasional spraying of crops with 200 ppm of Streptocycline also gives a good control over the disease. “I have sold 2,000 crates so far, most of them at a loss,” he said. Get latest info on Tomato, suppliers, wholesale suppliers, retailers & traders with Tomato … Full-season maturity with deep oblate fruit. Their keeping quality is low and hence suitable only for short distance marketing. It must be rotated with crops that fulfill the nitrogen content of the soil. Average tomato yield is 15 tonnes per acre. Nashik is the main supplier of tomatoes to most parts of the country. They are commonly sterilized by solarization. It various widely depends on crop, variety, resource availability (like soil type, water and even technology) and location. ITR due date is not over yet. Clear plastic mulch is the most effective for early growth and high yields. According to Shriram Gadhave, president, Vegetable Growers Association of India (VGAI), although Vidarbha and Marathwada regions have been reeling under drought conditions, the plantation for summer in the state has been up to 3 lakh per hectare, the same as last year. This became a raging debate in 1887 when the US Tariff imposed duty on vegetables but not on fruits. Pimpalgaon supplies tomatoes to other markets like Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Haryana. 1065-1070 per 10 Kg.| 25/11/2020 - Soybean Meal (FAQ) Rs. ii. Tomato cultivation is possible throughout the year in different parts of India. Copyright FARMING INDIA SOLUTIONS © 2018-2019. Financial Express is now on Telegram. During summer it is necessary to irrigate the crop once a week while irrigating it once in every two weeks is sufficient. Highlights of Success First public triple disease resistant tomato F1 hybrid in India Yields up to 18 kg/plant Successfully withstood against ToLCV, BW & EB in farmers’ fields Earned an average net income ranging from Rs 4-5 lakhs/ac depending on seasons. The fruits vary from medium to large in size with a round nipple tip and light green shoulder. The tomato season lasts from June to October every year. If the soil is rich in mineral content, then adding organic content will help increase the yield. It is the largest vegetable crop grown in the world after potato and sweet potato. This classification was based on its use as a vegetable and not botanically being a fruit. China ranks number one as the largest producer of tomatoes followed by India. If given adequate support they can grow up to 6 feet tall in traditional farming. Performs well in cool weather conditions. This variety is developed by IARI, New Delhi. Developed and released by IIHR, Bengaluru they are of semi-determinate variety. Early growing cultivar with a small furrow. In addition, drought followed by an abrupt watering during the fruiting phase would cause cracking in tomatoes. They have a keeping quality of 17 days. The step after ploughing is leveling. For ideal growth and yield, tomatoes need a diverse set of climatic conditions at every stage of growth such as seed germination, flowering, fruiting, etc. Depending on the market demand, 8-10 harvesting of tomato is done on yearly basis. Tomato crops are hence rotated with leguminous crops like beans, pulses, etc. It is resistant to leaf curl virus. A warm but cool climate is needed for tomato. Tomato Production 2 Everglade. ): YEAR: Punjab: Sindh: Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw: Balochistan: PAKISTAN: 1980-81: 128.15 During the monsoon and in case of heavy soils, seedlings are planted on ridges so that the water does not get logged. Tomatoes are highly sensitive to climatic changes. It also exports tomatoes to countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan. A well grown tomato fruit can weigh more than 150 grams and give a yield of more than 30 tonnes per acre. They are high yielding hybrid variety developed and released by IIHR, Bengaluru. The fruits are oblate in shape with light green foliage. Andhra Pradesh is the largest tomato producing state in India. Tomatoes are normally field set at 11,000 to 18,000 plants per hectare in Maharashtra depending on the type of tomato and its field spacing. Hybrid and exotic varieties are sown in small plastic cups while other varieties that are not too costly to procure are sown in nursery beds specially raised for the purpose. They mature and tomatoes are ready for harvest within 125 days. PROVINCE WISE AVERAGE YIELD OF TOMATO FROM 1980-81 TO 2017-18 (Average Yield 40 Kg. Untimeliness and insufficiency of rain impacts both production and productivity in adverse way. Crops are cultivated in both Kharif and Rabi season. Some of them include Fusarium wilt, powdery mildew, leaf blight, mold rot, mosaic virus and damping off. It varies as per climate, soil and market. Well-suited for long distance transportation. This is when the status of tomato gained importance. Dry chilli average yield varies from 7.5 to 10 quintals per acre… The cost of production per acre can be high and can present complex problems to the grower, who must be knowledgeable about soils, fertilizers, pest control, harvesting, marketing and oth… They are suited for hilly area cultivation. Early Kunwari: Early maturing variety, suitable for cultivation in Haryana, Punjab and Delhi. After implementing mulching, combined with drip irrigation, we have harvested up to 54 tonnes per acre,” said Srinivasan K, who heads the implementation of the project’s initiatives in Tamil Nadu’s Dindigul district. A = alternaria stem canker resistant EBR = early late blight FR = fusarium resistant N = root rot nematode resistan… Hi, how much tomato can be cultivated from 1 Acre in Karnataka (Max yield). Thanks for this, but I want to know about tomato farming in polyhouse, and where I can take training about this. Get live Stock Prices from BSE, NSE, US Market and latest NAV, portfolio of Mutual Funds, calculate your tax by Income Tax Calculator, know market’s Top Gainers, Top Losers & Best Equity Funds. Tomato is a well-suited crop for greenhouse farming. Average tomato yield per acre is 30 tonnes. Yield, value of output and cost of production per quintal The yield, value of output per hectare and cost of production per quintal of tomato on the sampled farms have been worked out in table 2. Arka Abhijit. 11. Suitable for both processing as well as table purposes. A well-drained soil with a depth of 15-20 cm is ideal for yielding a healthy crop. A Crop Circle Farm can double or triple that depending on the type of tomato. Tomato cultivation is one of the most profitable agriculture business. Before transplantation, irrigation is done once every week. For spring-summer crop the spacing maintained is 75 X 45 cm and 75 X 60 cm for autumn-winter crop. Some Tomato tree flower blot but many tree die down. Iam from kerala witch seeds sutable for Kerala climate. The tomatoes have firm and smooth texture. The seeds are first raised in nurseries and then transplanted after a period of 30- 45 days. However, it cannot tolerate high light intensity as well since it affects the fruit pigmentation. Low and Irregular Monsoon – Various pre-cultivation works like seeds, plants, their planting depends on natural rainfall. Mulching of tomato plants. It is a self pollinated crop. This hybrid variety released by IIHR, Bengaluru has semi-determinate plants. Suitable for processing and table purposes. There are special varieties of seeds for tomato cultivation in greenhouse. The major tomato producing states are Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Assam. 1,50,000. An average yield of 1,200 dozen (14,400 pounds/ears) can be expected from a cultivated row farm acre. Therefore, 15 X 10,000 = Rs. Average yield 120 tonnes per hectare. If practicing organic farming then organic and biological pest control should be followed as needed. Tomatoes are sensitive to both excess water as well as very little water. If a cover crop is in place, it should be turned in at least 3 weeks before transplanting. Tomato is one of the important vegetable crops grown in India.. They mature within 165 days of cultivation. Both Nashik and Pune are considered major tomato producers and see some 1,600 truckloads of arrivals on a daily basis. Although they are perennials, when reared in greenhouses they can live up to 3 years. The fruits are large with green shoulder. Fruits are thick red in color with very firm flesh and square-round shape. Yogesh Gaikar, who planted tomato across his 10-acre farm last year, was visibly agitated. Plant population per acre 3630–4356. Partial sterilization can be done by either burning the crop debris or by treating the soil with Dithane M-45. (FAOSTAT, 2001). 4,000 lbs. Midseason variety. They are suitable for cultivation in the hilly areas. However they are also sterilized by drenching the soil with Dithane M-45. Average weight of fruit is 100 gram. In Nashik, another tomato growing region, the season starts from August to September. Black plastic mulch can be used for weed control and higher yields of tomato fruit. It is used in diverse ways in the form of salads, juices, sauces, ingredient for various culinary preparations, etc. Gives average yield of 80 qtl/acre. A high amount of humidity and frost cannot be tolerated. Fruits are elliptical in shape and their stem end is thick and yellow. Tomato belongs to Solanaceae family. They are round-shaped with a yellow stem end. 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