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what is studying computer science like

The study has a theoretical and mathematical focus, and involves exploring processes such as algorithms, to solve problems. My main concern was being a female and my race, But I suppose that doesn’t matter long as you know what you’re doing, You have convinced me to go into this direction. How vast are the career options when it comes to computer science? The term computer science is often confused with information … You like marketing? Some institutions even ask students to have a foundation in physics. You can make products to bridge the gap between nations. I mean careers. (Crap, I just reread that… maybe I AM one of the weird ones…), Categories: Advice, Career Fairs, Classes, Internships, Major, Tags: career, computer, Computer Science, future, internships, jobs, offices, scary, science, social, […] What is Computer Science ACTUALLY like? Peace out, girl scout. 3) There is a job shortage out there for software engineers. You can work with code that only works with art (there’s a whole website dedicated to that kind of coding here). But it isn’t just about computers. Computer systems engineer. But you should know that because of the flexibility of the degree and the job, you can honestly work in any type of environment you want. However, learning just one programming language isn’t enough – that’s because learning several is the most productive way of doing so. I wanted to give up a lot. Computer scientists are the ones who connect abstract ideas by creating the products we use every day. Three reasons to study Computer Science: A majority of people I knew in my freshmen classes had little to no experience at all! I’m no longer in school, but my job I get to interact with the tech community, teach how to code and built projects, mentor people, and volunteer. Music and CS go super well together! Any recommendations? When Is It and How Do We Celebrate It. The company I’m going to work for, Venmo, has no offices at all! Thanks for making me see that! To put it in simpler terms, computer science is the study of how computers work. I’m a little curious of what kind of jobs are available to CS majors and where can i intern? If you’re considering pursuing a degree in computer science, then let us help you find the best university for you. Definitely go for it. Computers and technology are always growing, to the point where it feels like nothing is impossible. We live in a time where technology plays an important role in many aspects of life, and so the many skills provided with this degree are in high demand. Guaranteed. You should also find out about the paradigms that go with these languages, as well as how to implement them. I’m now a sophomore at UCF as a CS major but I’m kind of stressed with life at the moment and I feel like im not good enough for this major because I try really hard in programming classes, I do well on the program’s I have to create but when it comes to the exams I just stress go blank and have no clue on how to even study for these tests. Get your free account started with ApplyBoard! Hello my name is Alessandro Pace, I am a high school student from New Jersey and I am researching the career of computer science. As a student seeking the right program to take abroad, you may ask yourself, what exactly is computer science? to teach genuinely useful skills like programming. You could even have it look up how many calories an avocado has for you so that you don’t have to do that yourself. You like foreign languages? All of the “baby boomers” are starting to retire, and we need to strengthen our pipeline of CS majors to fill their spots, in addition to the rapidly growing market for tech products and innovations. You’re given a set of skills with the major. Generally speaking, computer science is the study of computer technology, both hardware and software. 😉, Thanks Cassidy! 😉. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye! You get to be as creative as you want at that point! In addition, having a beginner’s background in a programming language such as Python, Java or C++ shows you have an understanding of what’s involved in the degree. Many people here have suggested that the computer science fundamental subjects like Algorithms, Data structures, etc. You gain a wide range of skills when studying computer science. Hello i’m a freshman in college and i’m thinking of pursuing a CS degree. How can you go wrong? If you want to study computer science at university you must be creative, diligent and strong in maths. I just have to push through the math and do the thing I love doing. From communications and financial companies, to software, health care, and governmental agencies, there are no limitations. You can be a developer evangelist and work with events, writing, code, and competitions (here’s a blog post of someone who did just that). Other Perks of Majoring in Computer Science 1. It is used to represent data in the form of computer programs. Each language you learn is a tool, each idea you learn is a method of solving something. So, as you might already know, I’m a computer science major, and I LOOOVE it! There’s so many options! 🙂. I know it’s probably tough for you right now, but as soon as you get through senior year, it’ll be SO much better. But ladies (and guys), don’t let that deter you! Making it through is a very intimidating mental game. You might hear about all of the things we use on a daily basis today that were only created because of computer science You can totally learn at your own pace, in the way that you want. IT consultant. But you could say that about literally every other field (I tried thinking of exceptions to this rule, and there are none). Tech companies treat their software engineers like KINGS Majoring in this field will help you develop great technical skills and give you a new perspective on problem-solving. Overall in the US, only 18% of all undergraduate computer and information sciences degrees are received by women (stat from NCWIT). It's easy to give up and say, oh, who cares, someone else will code it for me. You just have to explore your options. To get an idea, below is a list of careers you will find are common for computer science graduates: …and many more diverse job opportunities! Computer scientists help advance the field of computer science and technology. So here’s some stereotypes that CS majors face, and then some counterexamples to show that they are not true. Competitions and contests aren’t usually a requirement, however participating in such events sets you apart from other student applicants as it enhances your application. False. It's easy to give up. It’s a subject that takes patience. Your help would be much appreciated, Hey! “Royals”, a parade, and other Cyclone awesomeness, Campus sights to see outside of your tour, this snazzy article about Venmo’s awesome offices, there’s a whole website dedicated to that kind of coding here, here’s a blog post of someone who did just that. A smartwatch application! (I took AP computer science in high school). However, even with so many options, many graduates prefer to stay in the computer industry. Hey Cassidy, I’m currently having trouble figuring out what I actually want to major in. These courses may include advanced functions, and calculus and vectors. This is done by analyzing the feasibility, structure, expression and mechanization of these processes and how they relate to this information. It's not to say you need to spend every waking moment studying computer science. I hope I’ve deterred some of your malicious thoughts about CS majors (okay I’m sure they weren’t malicious, more like “curious,” but whatever) and answered some of your questions! There are so many great opportunities in computer science career-wise, project-wise, and networking-wise that something like gender shouldn’t be a decision-making factor when deciding to go into the field or not. where have you interned? You should choose Computer Science if you like math, logic, or if you want to get into a specialized field in CS such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, security, or graphics. Having previous experience, sure, that’s a nice bonus. A computer science major involves the study of computers and programming languages. Their work tends to be more individual in nature. I’m in my second year of my CS major and I have been struggling wondering if I’m really cut out for this. You like chemistry? In all of my internships that I’ve had, only one of them included a cubicle. Computer science is a field of study where it's imperative that you stay on top of things and keep working throughout the entire semester. If you’re still unsure of what program you want to study, read “Program selection: How to choose the right program for you” for guidance. The study of computer science involves systematically studying methodical processes (such as algorithms) in order to aid the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to information. You could have your phone take a picture of an avocado, recognize what you’re eating, and then do the looking up of calories for you and list it on your calendar. What are the social benefits of being a computer scientists, such as opportunities and engagements? Thanks! Let’s say you wish there were an easier way to keep track of your calorie intake. Why is it important to encourage the youth to be computer scientists? To further break it down, you gain an understanding of how a computer performs (hardware) and its programming languages (software). I’m getting terrible flashbacks from my past reading this, ha! While entry requirements vary depending on the school you’re applying to, it’s typical for computer science degrees to emphasize mathematics. You can work with Turing machines and algorithms exclusively. Tests were not my strong suit in school, projects and assignments definitely were. 2. Computer science is the study of algorithmic processes and computational machines. … It’s so vast that some things are pieces of cake to some people, and pure torture for others. You can solve it in all kinds of different ways. For you and me. Hi! Get jiggy with it. Do you like art? Thank you for writing this! Program selection: How to choose the right program for you. I think studying computer science is much like any other area of study or endeavor: Some people find it very easy and intuitive, while others struggle with making it work for them. The field has since seen many major achievements including the digital revolution and establishment of the Internet, as well as the use of computers in science and math. To further break it down, you gain an understanding of how a computer performs (hardware) and its programmin… 2. However, computer science is a diverse field; the required skills are both applicable and in-demand across practically every industry in today's technology-dependent world. Work life after school is great. (Image courtesy of this snazzy article about Venmo’s awesome offices). Heh okay, I admit there are a lot of guys in computer science. Expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems. As a discipline, computer science spans a range of topics from theoretical studies of algorithms, computation and information to the practical issues of implementing computing systems in hardware and software. … Okay, yes, math is a good thing to know. You can work there. I know so many people who have software engineering degrees who went on to be patent lawyers because they know the software side and wanted to do law. But it isn’t just about computers. Hi Cassidy, I enjoyed reading your article and gave me somewhat hope. Computer science is a major for problem solvers who want to learn how to use computers and computational processes to build websites, program robots, mine data and more. I’ve been thinking about Computer Engineering/Science for some time now, but have been hesitant on making that decision due to ignorance with what I’d be signing myself up for. Many people will have some experience in the field before they apply to university and this looks good on applications. Well, I’m here to tell you that you need to erase that image from your mind, because being a computer science major is SO much more than that! 🙂. There are SO many jobs out there in CS that you can work wherever you want. 1. But luckily, I had some great study buddies, professors, and friends that helped me through. 3. The beginnings of computer science as a study go back to the 1940s, when the first digital electronic computers were developed for use in in World War II. As its name clearly suggest, computer science is the study of the many and various processes that interact with data. Also, what if you don’t want to code? I know how tough that can be. If you cannot or don't want … If it isn’t obvious enough, we live in the Digital Age. Cutting to the chase did you ever have these moments during your college experience and how did you manage to make it through? I’m currently in Mechanical Engineering, but I’m not really convinced with it. Even then, I was only in it for a couple hours a day because I was in meetings and conference rooms and other places throughout the office. But honestly, you could say the same about every single other major out there. I interned at big companies, General Mills, Microsoft, and Intuit, and I’ve worked at smaller ones like Venmo and Clarifai. There are so many jobs here, it’s ridiculous. Computer science is great because of it’s flexibility. You’ll learn how to break problems apart and … You should totally give computer science a try. They picture someone sitting at a computer all day long in a crappy cubicle staring at a screen with green text and a black background. Each language you learn is a tool, each idea you learn is a method of solving something. At current rates, however, we can only fill about 30% of those jobs with U.S. computing bachelor’s grads (Source). This translates to dedication and resilience – characteristics highly sought after by employers. Computer Science is the study of how computers work, mostly from the theoretical and mathematical perspective. Now, they’re starting to retire a lot. Is the degree really worth it? Sorry for the late reply. Let’s add some image recognition to your application. Read on to find out! There are no limitations. How can I find out if I would enjoy a career in this field? I’ve been codding off and on again but I still have a lot to learn Most universities look for top marks in subjects like IT, computing, physics or further maths from applicants. Haha I think i’m gonna try and take a class now. The science and technology university, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has just been named number one university in the world in the latest QS league table. You can work there too. What Is Thanksgiving? Hi Kevin! I have a project for school which requires me to interview someone in the desired career I wish to pursuit. The vast majority of us use computers in our day-to-day lives for everything from gaming and communicating by email or on social media to finding information, paying our bills and shopping. Studying Computer Science as a Hobby Check out free online courses. What if you wanted to get REALLY creative with it? You start out by learning high-level, basic languages such as Java and C++. Education? Plus, there’s so many jobs in computer science out there that you don’t have to even think about being worried. The study has a theoretical and mathematical focus, and involves exploring processes such as algorithms, to solve problems. A degree in computer science involves the studying systematic methodical processes – like algorithms in order to help with the access to information, as well as its acquisition, representation, processing, storage, and communication thereof. With all of this being said, if you complete a degree in this field, you’re recognized for having made it through a tough program. Those in the field work with application creation, database systems, programming languages and computing theory. Quick history lesson: Baby boomers started taking on a lot of jobs, computer-related ones too, many years ago. In other words, it is the science of creating algorithms that are capable of making a computer manipulate, communicate and store data. I have been a Java programmer for about 4 years and have worked for different projects for different US clients. "Additionally, studying computer science teaches you to solve problems very clearly and logically, which is a skill that can be applied in any field." *Touches your shoulder tenderly* It is never too late for now. A levels – To get on to a computer science related degree you will usually require at least two A levels or equivalent.Entry requirements range from CDD to AAA, with the universities and colleges most commonly asking for BBC. I love the programming but suck at the math and I’m in the process of doing some major soul searching debating on switching majors, but this article changed my mind. You could make a phone application that does it for you. Computer Science is one of the most popular majors international students study. Computer science, the study of computers and computing, including their theoretical and algorithmic foundations, hardware and software, and their uses for processing information. And of course, there’s creative freedom – if you can think it, you can make it. There’s SO many different jobs available for a CS major. Do you like gaming? How we use computers and computer programmes has utterly defined the world we live in. – Cyclone Life […], I love this! When studying computer science, you look at both the hardware and software. Computer science is about problem solving. Technical skills such as programming, and non-technical skills such as problem-solving and leadership, are amongst some of them. Thanks! Let’s turn to tech. I am teaching Java programming these days. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that by 2020 there will be more than 1.4 million computing-related job openings. This basically has everything I need, but I need some verification for the project, could I get your email address, also so I could email any further questions. When studying computer science, you look at both the hardware and software. Computer Science is an outstanding career path right now, and if you’re going to a decent school in terms of the Computer Science program, you will have companies chasing you after graduation if you’re in a mid-sized or large city. So, what does that mean for you, for us? are a must for any computer science graduate. I almost did several times. You can make programs that test strengths of covalent bonds between atoms (I asked my computer science/chemistry double major buddy for that example, so it’s super legit). Computer science involves more of the happenings behind the hardware, like software and software development. I would just like to thank you for putting this up in an informative and entertaining way. I have a bachelors in music, but have started learning how to code a little bit on my own. 🙂. You get to be as creative as you want at that point! In addition to the different A level requirements above, you will also need at least five GCSEs (A-C) including science, English, and maths. You don’t have to major in it if you don’t want to, but you could just try a class. Not Steve Jobs. For some reason, I’m just now seeing this. First of all, there’s job security. I’m not sure what you mean by “recommendations” but I recommend Iowa State as a place to go. Feel free to reach out on Twitter @cassidoo. Now sure, if you want an office with cubicles or offices or couches or anything, there are definitely companies out there with those, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Take a look on what our Computer Sciences students and teacher have to say about the subject. Not just math. A Google Glass tracker that publishes to Twitter! You’d be surprised at how fun it is. See if you can shadow a computer scientist. Working in partnership with clients, an IT consultant advises clients on the planning, … Programming is a basic building block for computer science. 2) “Vast” doesn’t even cut it. The answer was really simple: when you can’t stop thinking about studying Computer Science, it is probably because you should study Computer Science. You can find a role with high-value in nearly all industries. But it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t rock your trig class in high school. What is computer science? Why we were targeted with that one, I couldn’t tell you. There are so many different options for anybody who is interested in tech. I love hearing about the field from other people and this helped me ease my nerves considering I was so worried about how many classes I need to take or how I may not have enough experience! I know others who went straight into the hardware side and built circuits that help kids learn how to understand electronics and code. It’d be hard to make an unbiased, rational decision as of right now, and I’m just looking for some guidance/advice on what I should be considering, things I should try out, etc. 1) There’s so many opportunities for social engagement in computer science. Next, there’s job freedom – every single field needs computers, from fashion to automobiles to music. As you go through your classes, you figure out what you like, and you can gear your electives towards your preferences. You could make a website for it! Have that vision in mind as you push through these tough classes!! 🙂. It worked for me, but it was very much like learning a foreign language. The job market is actively searching for computer science graduates, and many offer a competitive salary. Don't be a loner. Not everyone goes into CS knowing things about coding. It has a stellar reputation. That’s something that I didn’t really expect to get out of computer science, but it’s so rewarding and I’m so happy that I get to do it. Generally speaking, computer science is the study of computer technology, both hardware and software. In computer science, the … In fashion you can not only make smart clothes – which I have a few friends who do that – but you can also work at fashion companies building their websites or their apps. I am interested in your opinions computer science and I was hoping you could answer a few questions. “Computer science is the study of problem solving. JOBS! A significant portion of your computer science studies will involve programming. To put it in simpler terms, computer science is the study of how computers work. I’m going into college this coming August as a female computer science major and I’m so nervous yet so excited. A degree in computer science can translate to roles in many different industries. Technology is constantly growing, which only means there will be more and more ways to relate computer science to pretty much anything. That’s your problem. A lot of people, though, typically give me a reaction more like this when I say that it’s my major: And yes, I know not everyone likes the idea of coding. Don’t let those people intimidate you. Have an interest in the medical field? Here we discuss their job in more detail, as well as computer scientist requirements, which generally consist of … Computer science is about problem solving. You like math? Find out which Canadian and American schools offer Computer Science programs! Computer science can open many different doors to many different industries. You can have jobs like being a technical writer, a project manager, a technical recruiter, a patent lawyer… there’s so many opportunities for you even if you just know a little technical knowledge! A computer scientist views a computer the way an astronomer views a telescope. Sure, you can write it in a notebook or something, but what if you don’t have a pen nearby? Millions have retired over the past 6 years. computer science-related jobs are appealing in their versatility, earning potential and demand. I am considering switching to a computer science major but I’m not sure if I am making the right decision. I’m looking at a masters in CS. Hi I have wanted to be a doctor for quite some time but now I’m realizing that it may not be the path for me. I could go on and give an example for pretty much every single other subject you throw at me. If you’re more the type that likes to solve puzzles, or that doesn’t give … You’re given a set of skills with the major. Don’t worry about getting your feet wet, or even moving a little slowly. I went to office hours, talked through tests with my professors, and just kind of forced myself through that mental hurdle. I was kind of between these two alternatives. Well, you can also work for a gaming company. It is to say that you need to study consistently throughout the year.

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